Science Safety Webinars

Our Webinars have moved!

We are building the biggest community for Science Safety and have moved all of our webinars over for you to enjoy them for Free.

Available Webinar topics include:

  • Safety Manuals and Chemical Hygiene Plans: How Important Are These Documents?
  • What School Administrators Need to Know About Science, STEM (Lab), and CTE Safety
  • Science Safety Approaches for New Teachers. (High School, Middle, Elementary, CTE)
  • Most Common Sources of Accidents in the K-12 Laboratory and How to Prevent Them
  • Conducting a Hazard Analysis and a Risk Assessment in the K-12 Science and STEM Laboratory
  • Importance of Ventilation in Science, STEM, CTE and Lab facilities
  • What Could Go Wrong?

* Topics and Schedules subject to change

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