Brian Collins
Science Safety, CTO

Dr. Brian Collins, in his role as CTO , Dr. Collins has his PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology from Michigan State University. Brian’s research focused on the design and development of online learning platforms based on learning theory. Dr. Collins left a tenure track professor of education at NYIT to be an executive at a startup, involved with leveraging education and technology together across multiple instructional modalities and geographies to help enhance student learning and facilitate teacher instruction.

Through the continuous integration of technology solutions including SIS, LMS, and other large scale enterprise software service with content delivery in strategic and efficient ways, Brian leads the platform integration and development of our award-winning user interfaces and intuitive solutions and a team that embraces a collaborative, proactive, transparent approach with clients.

Choosing a partner. Growing a partnership with Science Safety and Brian Collins

Choosing a vendor partner is one of the most essential and valued choices that you can make. True partnerships are grown through commitment, understanding, and support of one another. That is the Science Safety promise, and Brian’s personal promise, to you. From the value we bring, we want to earn the opportunity to be called your professional science-education partner.


Science Safety and Brian Collins are additional resources.
Just for you.

Brian has worked with your school district, and many others, for over 20 years. Throughout his career, he has assembled a wide range of experiences and science solutions working directly with teachers and with district leaders. In addition to all the services and resources available from Science Safety, Brian can provide personalized and on-site assistance to help you achieve your professional goals.

Depend on Science Safety and Brian Collins to help you with your Science Safety needs:

Advance Your Science and STEM Programs

Prepare proposals and access to resources to help you advance your science or STEM program

Support Professional Learning and Student Achievement

Utilize Science Safety’s Lessons, Courses, and Pathways for Individualized Professional Learning and Student Achievement

Provide Support TO New Teachers

Provide New Science Teachers with valued essential safety training and resources teaching & learning

Identify & Obtain funding sources

Identify & Obtain funding sources for new Science, STEM and Safety initiatives

Safety Alignments to Your Needs

Recommend adoption and Co-develop goals for you and your department in the many areas Science Safety can assist

See how your organization is doing.