ESC Region 19 Allied States Cooperative Vendor Prepares K-12 Teachers to Teach Science & STEM Safely

Science Safety and ASC

Science Safety is an awarded vendor with the Texas Education Service Center (ESC) – Region 19 Allied States Cooperative (ASC) (RFP 22-7438) in the area of Staff Development.

About Science Safety

As specialists in safety risk management, Science Safety provides K-12 schools, teachers, and staff with a formal, cohesive, holistic process for Science & STEM safety. Our Safety Risk Management process and certifications provide schools with the ability to manage and mitigate the hazards and risks associated with the delivery of STEM and Science programs. 


Did You Know?

Science/STEM teacher and student safety training are legally mandatory under Texas legal safety standards and better professional safety practices. School administrative supervision is key in assuring that appropriate and timely safety compliance training is done for teachers and students before students are actively engaged in hands-on laboratory instruction. Teachers also have a critical supervisory role in making sure student behavior reflects appropriate safety protocols learned when working in the laboratory, relative to use of laboratory engineering controls, administrative safety operation procedures/work protocols and use of personal protective equipment.  

Its all about keeping students safe.

Texas K-12 School Science/STEM laboratory safety protocols apply to both students and teachers as employees. Safety protocols are based on legal safety standards (e.g. local board of education policy, Texas state and/or local government laws, rules, and regulations (e.g., Texas Chapter 502 Hazard Communication Act, NFPA, ICC) and better professional safety practices (e.g., National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA), American Chemical Society (ACS)). 

School administrators have a legal responsibility to make sure the legal standards and professional safety practices are followed in their school to help keep students and teachers out of harm’s way and school employees out of legal entanglement, should a safety incident occur in the laboratory.


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