Science STEAM, CTE and Lab Safety For Students

Six Reasons to try Science Safety for Your Students

  • Help students prepare for science courses.
  • Reduce accidents in the lab or classroom. 
  • Ensure no harm comes to them. 
  • Issue student and parent safety contracts.
  • Meet state school safety requirements.
  • Reduce overall school liability.





What We Offer

100% Online training

Accessible on any device

Subject & Grade-Level Specific

Elementary, middle and secondary school safety awareness training for students.

Rewards Based

Students receive certificates and badges

Student Safety Contracts

Reduce your schools liability

Core Science Safety Modules. 100% Online.

Our core science safety modules focus on the most relevant science and STEM safety concerns in K-12 schools. Each module contains a combination of the related legal safety standards, best practices, better professional safety practices, necessary preventative measures, and emergency situation training.