Science Safety Expert Witnesses

A Trusted Provider of Expert Witness Services

For over a decade, Science Safety has been a leading expert services provider of highly credentialed Science, STEM, CTE, and Lab Safety expert witness services to attorney offices, insurance companies, and public organizations. Science Safety Inc. is the only company that focuses on Science, STEM, CTE, and Lab safety risk management, engaging with recognized industry-trusted safety authorities and leaders from NSTA and NSELA.

Why Expert Witnesses Matter

Expert witnesses are critical in every phase of legal proceedings. If your case involves specialized issues, you need a credible and accomplished expert witness by your side so that judges and jury members will trust that opinion. Unlike other witnesses who can only testify about what they have seen, felt, heard, smelled, touched, etc., expert witnesses can draw conclusions and give their opinions as part of their testimony.

Our Expert Witness Services

A Science Safety expert witness is a person with extensive experience and knowledge of Science, STEM, CTE, and Lab Safety. Our expert witnesses apply their expertise to give a professional opinion to the court on specific matters in dispute. They clarify, explain, and provide opinions on complex safety matters and will take technical jargon, legal, professional standards, severely complicated situations, and explain them in a way that the jurors and others can easily understand.

Our Expert Witness Capabilities

Science Safety witness experts can provide provide the following services:

  • Assess merits of the case
  • Case reviews
  • Deposition participation
  • Trial testimony
  • Expert witness safety brief/statement development
  • Risk and hazard analysis
  • Insight into an organization’s “duty of care” obligations
  • Research-related activities
  • Frequent communications 
Please contact us to schedule a time to discuss how our expert witnesses might support your case. Science Safety will ensure that you have the most qualified and appropriate expert witness for your case. All discussions will be confidential.

Apply to Become an Expert Safety Witness

If you would like to be considered as a Science Safety Expert Witness, then please complete the form below and we will contact you after reviewing your profile to better understand your experience, credentials and thought leadership in the areas of Science, STEM and CTE programs. All submissions will be confidential.

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