NSELA and Science Safety
A Partnership For School Safety

NSELA members can receive access to select STEM Labs and OSHA Laboratory Standard Chemical Hygiene Officer online safety training modules at no cost. The modules provided by Science Safety are an online companion to the recently ITEEA published and available for FREE download book titled, “Safer Engineering and CTE Instruction: A National STEM Education Imperative” by Drs. Tyler S. Love and Kenneth Russell Roy. This book, which presents practical recommendations based on a recent national safety study is also being provided free of charge to NSELA members in PDF format.

About the book: “Safer Engineering and CTE Instruction: A National STEM Education Imperative”

This new publication is an essential read for Science, Technology Education/Engineering and STEM Administrators, supervisors and instructors. It reviews findings from a recent national study relative to status of safety compliance as applied to hands-on STEM and CTE course activities. In addition to reviewing the specifics of the research project, the book describes important findings and specific recommendations on how to successfully address the urgent safety needs of instructors and students relative to providing safer STEM/CTE, along with Science and Technology Education/Engineering teaching/learning activities. If your community or school system is looking to design or modify your educational program to engage students in safer hands-on laboratory activities, then this user-friendly book is a must read, in addition to the companion Science Safety training modules! CLICK HERE to download the book.

Final Cover of Safer Engineering and CTE

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