School-wide Safety Awareness

Three Reasons to Try Science Safety Today

  1. Promote strong positive attitudes about safety through continuous training efforts.

  2. Implement a system of reporting and investigating incidents.

  3. Integrate ongoing safety efforts with prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery to ensure training and plans are in place.

What We Offer

100% Online training

Provide a consistent platform for asynchronous science & STEM safety training in order to elevate the level of safety awareness.

Subject & Grade-Level Specific Training

Deliver subject-specific and grade-level appropriate science & STEM safety training to ensure that the teaching and learning environments are as safe as possible.


Assessment of all participants on a reliable LMS to ensure that completion rates are aligned with on-going learning for educators.

High Quality Courses and Resources

New resources are continuously added to ensure that trainings are up to date and meet safety needs.

Core Science Safety Modules

Our core science safety modules focus on the most relevant science and STEM safety concerns in K-12 schools. Each module contains a combination of the related legal safety standards, better professional safety practices, necessary, necessary preventative measures and emergency situation training. We offer an elementary, middle, and secondary school version as well as a STEM /Tool Safety course.

Here is a listing of some of the content modules covered:

1. Safety Awareness
2. Prevention
3. Student Lab Contracts/Safety Acknowledgment Forms
4. Duty of Care
5. Fire Safety
6. Chemical Labelling
7. Lab Inspections

Interested in Getting Started?

We provide professional development and learning to ensure school safety for onsite and remote learners.