Science Safety Training for Educators

Science Safety Matters to Teachers

As a professional educator you have many obligations and accountabilities associated with your role, from curricular expectations to student engagement to mitigating unfinished learning across the K12 grade level spectrum.

Safety is another criterion that needs to be integrated into your daily lesson planning, practice and procedures especially when it involves Science, STEM, and CTE due to the inherent risks that are associated with these hands-on programs.

As a teacher, you know the advantage of having students involved in a tactile, inquiry-based project as these opportunities stimulate your students along their individual trajectories into post-secondary and the workplace as valuable contributing members of our community. Your influence as a teacher is decades long for your students.

Hollistic Safety Program Benefits

Science Safety understands the benefits of a holistic safety program for school districts that encompasses aspects of risk management, curricular programming, and communication provided in a safer teaching and learning environment based on safer, legal, professional standards. Science Safety has developed our Science Safety Risk Management Program (SSRMP) which is the gold standard for school district ecosystems involving students, teachers, principals, administrators, and staff involved with helping students succeed in their academic careers.

The professionals and industry leaders at Science Safety have created an overview of what an ideal safety program for Science, STEM and CTE should involve in order to protect workers, students, and their families.

Duty of Care Obligations

As a teacher, you have responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students in your charge, which are covered under the ‘Duty of Care’ obligations. There are multiple aspects of this duty that apply to you as a Science, STEM, or CTE teacher based on the tools, instruments, chemicals, equipment, apparatus and materials that are used in these program areas. There is an inherent risk associated with these programs based on access to these items, the procedures in place, the tools and equipment used to meet the curricular framework, and the safety training and experience of both the teacher and the students. 

Safety is a primary concern for all educators in the classroom, laboratory, on field trips and sporting events off-site and other school-based activities, and the teacher, as the adult in the room, is the person with a high level of accountability and responsibility and yet some teachers are lacking in safety training and awareness.

Science Safety can help you provide comprehensive, hands-on, inquiry-based safer programs across the Science, STEM and CTE programs in your school.
Self-Paced Learning Pathways

We have developed Learning Pathways and individual learning modules on topics that are relevant, current and important for teachers. Science Safety has architected some general safety and compliance training pathways, as well as specific grade and subject area programs for teachers based on the most current, safer, legal and professional standards.

These modular pathways have carefully selected mixture of print, animation, video, and scenario-based learning examples connected to valid assessment and evaluation with micro-credentials, certificate validations, and the best-in-class 24/7 accessible learning on our stable, reliable learning management system.

Increase Safety Awareness

Here is what we can offer you as a classroom teacher to help raise your level of safety awareness and comprehension and meet your Duty of Care obligations including:

  • current, compliant, and verifiable online and on-demand science and lab safety training and certifications;
  • an online safety contracts management system;
  • an enterprise safety reporting system;
  • access to industry experts to maintain and update your safety documentation

Safety Training for Teachers

100% Online training

Provide a consistent platform for asynchronous science & STEM safety training in order to elevate the level of safety awareness.

Subject & Grade-Level Specific Training

Deliver subject-specific and grade-level appropriate science & STEM safety training to ensure that the teaching and learning environments are as safe as possible.


Assessment of all participants on a reliable LMS to ensure that completion rates are aligned with on-going learning for educators.

High Quality Courses and Resources

New resources are continuously added to ensure that trainings are up to date and meet safety needs.

Interested in Getting Started?

We provide professional development and learning to ensure school safety for onsite and remote learners.