Science, STEAM, CTE & Lab Safety Risk Management

Welcome to Science Safety, a leader in Science, STEAM, CTE, and Lab Safety. We focus on a comprehensive and holistic approach to safety risk management. We are helping organizations like yours to build a culture of continuous safety, improve safety policies, and reduce the risk of injuries (and resulting lawsuits).
Science Safety Lab Technician

We help make schools and corporations safer through the science of safety

Our team works with your staff, administrators, chemical hygiene officers, technicians, science supervisors, curriculum experts, teachers, and students. We create safer schools and corporations by providing a holistic Science Safety Risk Management Framework (SSRMF) for science safety programs and technology.
  • current, compliant, and verifiable online and on-demand science and lab safety training and certifications;
  • an online safety contracts management system; 
  • an enterprise safety reporting system;
  • access to industry experts to maintain and update your safety documentation;
  • and much more.
With Science Safety, your organization can maintain its duty-of-care responsibilities. Keeping your technicians, teachers, and students out of harm’s way in the lab and in the classroom

How Science Safety Works:

Choose Programs

For College Teachers, High School, Middle and Elementary, Chemical Hygiene Officers, technicians, and students. Leave nothing to chance with our online and on-demand, grade-appropriate, role-based, and continuously updated certification pathways, courses and modules.

Safer Science

Ensure that your organization remains safe and compliant and meets local and national regulatory requirements by managing online safety contracts for every participant. Our modern online safety contract management system makes it easy to deliver, manage, and report on individual completions.

Get Certified

Safety certifications reduce your liability in the classroom, lab, school, and district. Enterprise reports for administrators make safety management easier, and verifiable certifications provide evidence of training. Verify a certificate of completion at any time.

Get Started With Science Safety

Safety Pathways + Certificates

Deploy Verifiable Online Safety Course Certificates

Created by experienced science educators and technicians, our online Science, STEAM, CTE, and Lab safety modules include assessments, checklists, and other resources. Because we provide subject-specific and grade-level appropriate verifiable science safety training that ensures that labs and classrooms are as safe as possible.

Safety Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Support Compliance

Organizational administrators can view learner progress, track the completion of safety contracts and safety acknowledgment forms, and download safety training and compliance reports. As a result, our solutions are designed to reduce the number of lab and classroom accidents, help meet legal safety training requirements, and potentially lower your insurance liability costs.

Student Safety Acknowledgement Forms

Make Your Life Easier

Moreover, our science, STEAM, CTE and Lab safety compliance platform enables various individuals (e.g. students and parents) to e-sign safety contracts and acknowledgment forms, enabling administrators and educators to view a list of the individuals who can participate in lab work and allowing your school or organization to manage archived acknowledgment forms.

The Science Safety Risk Management Process

Reduce Your Risks

Our Science, Steam, CTE and Lab Safety Risk Management process provides schools and organizations with the ability to manage and mitigate program delivery hazards and risks. We help your organization anticipate potential safety hazards and risks in its programs and implement strategies to minimize those hazards and risks.

Science Safety Chemical Hygiene Officer

Our programs can provide all stakeholders with an understanding and awareness of essential safety practices. Start building a culture of safety today.

Get a Safety Needs and Risk Assessment Consultation with James Palcik

This is a personal meeting to determine what existing resources and procedures are in place across your school district. Typically, we cover aspects involving the current Safety Training Program, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Safety Manual, HazCom training and documentation, Student Safety Acknowledgement Forms, Inventory Management, Safety Inspections, Insurance and other relevant criteria in evaluating your risk management strategy. We will then make informed recommendations based on legal safety standards and accepted better professional safety practices to elevate the level of safety awareness across your school system specific to your needs.

Given today’s litigious society, safety in P-12 Science, STEM and CTE education has received greater attention. This in part is the result of the rise in the popularity of collaborative learning environments like maker spaces and fabrication labs (Fab Labs).  Join internationally recognized science and lab safety specialists as they provide critical insights into the world of Science, STEM, CTE, and Lab safety.
Keeping up with science safety training and compliance would be impossible without this system!
Grace Hill
Using Science Safety, our staff and students are now better trained so there are fewer issues in the lab.
Jamie Carter
As a teacher it has helped me get organized and better prepared for the new school year.
Robert Owens

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