Science Safety Expert Services


Webinar content can be delivered as recognized professional development activities for participants and can include: Science and STEM teachers from elementary or secondary levels; Foundational safety training for teachers, as well as discipline-specific for secondary level teachers


Science Safety specialists will help you create and review your science safety manuals, ensuring that they are up to date and adhere to local, state, and federal regulations. We are able to evaluate your existing safety related documents across your school district to ensure compliance.

Safety Risk Management Planning

The Science Safety team has been involved with assisting numerous school districts with their near-term and longer-term planning. Through a comprehensive exploration of existing resources and documentation, our team can work with your team to perform a gap analysis and co-create an SSRMF plan, and related schedule, to create consistency and help your school or school district achieve compliance.

Safety Training Program REVIEWS AND UPDATES

We are able to evaluate your existing training programs across your school district to ensure compliance.

FACILITY AND LAB Safety Inspections

We provide onsite and virtual services related to training, inspections, and other related safety services.


Access to our team of world-class science and safety experts who can deliver customized webinars to fit the needs of schools and districts. Provide access to world-class science and safety experts who can provide safety planning, compliance strategy, document reviews, strategic webinars, and guidance as required, proactively and reactively.

Custom Safety Training Sessions

Science Safety can come to your school or set up a webinar on a convenient date. We can even completely customize a safety workshop that’s just right for you.

PD Professional Certifications Providers

Ensure your school remains in compliance and meets local, state, and federal regulatory requirements by getting credentialed by one of our accreditation partners.

OER Publisher / Curricular Content

Support learning with curricular libraries designed for your school. Choose from a large selection of modern, interactive, mobile-ready online courses easily deployed through our Learning Management System.

School Safety Insurers

Our school insurance partners can tailor liability and property insurance products and services to address those risks so schools can focus on what matters most. We are able to deliver lower premiums when schools participate in our school safety programs.

Interested in Getting Started?

We also provide professional services that can align your safety needs to a risk management process, customize pathways, courses, and modules, and update your safety documentation, to meet the unique safety needs of your organization or school.