STEAM Inventory with
SIM - the STEAM Inventory Manager

The STEAM Inventory Manager software is a cloud-based application that allows a school to manage inventory (e.g., equipment, materials, education kits, chemicals).

From quantities and locations to expiration alerts, and SDS forms, SIM will help schools comply with various OSHA and state, safety and purchasing regulations. 


Robust Reporting and Compliance

Quickly run reports, or have them automatically generated, to help you visualize your efficiency, identify risks, and plan for the future. Ensure accountability with comprehensive documentation and full chain-of-custody tracking for compliance and safety.

SIM Features

24/7 accessible software solution
• Quick implementation, simple to understand and to manage.
 Existing inventory data can be imported.
 Create barcode labels for items in your stockroom.
 Scan barcodes from your mobile device to search for items.
 Make inventory control faster and more accurate with a barcode multi-scanning system.
 Easily increase or reduce the amount in stock.
 Submit order requests can be submitted from inventory.
 Educators can assign identified deficiencies and track status through a dashboard.
 Easily download and share reports.

Still using paper and spreadsheets?

No more Excel files are required! Reduce errors and eliminate time-consuming manual record keeping with barcodes. Use our chemical inventory management system and facilitate your work with our advanced features: the multiscan module, the structure and substructure search, the “Order” section including an impressive database.

  • Very fast updates of the inventory
  • Track your orders by suppliers or scientists
  • Easy order management
  • “Reorder” option in one click!

Save Time & Money

Keep school facilities safe by keeping everything functioning properly, up-to-date, and ready to use.

Lower Risk

Proper practices, documentation, and communication can impact the safety of your staff and students.

Satisfy Mandates

To support school-wide inspections and walk-throughs so they are consistent and compliant.

Build a safety awareness culture with an inventory system built to deliver make your schools safer.

Interested in Getting Started?

Science Safety is pleased to offer a complimentary review of your existing documents and develop a collaborative strategy to assist you with meeting your legal obligations and provide a culture of increased safety awareness through a combination of personalized safety training, safety resource reviews and authoring, as well as assistance with physical safety inspections, student safety acknowledgment form management and chemical inventory evaluations.

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