Mobile Inspections with
SIA - the Safety Inspection App

The Safety Inspection Application (SIA) is a software application with a mobile and web portal interface that allows administrators, educators, and staff to become “Inspectors” and easily complete safety audits and inspections for labs, storage facilities, classrooms, and more. “Inspectors” can record results with visual evidence, note any equipment to be repaired/replaced, or identify any unsatisfactory condition discovered. 

SIA generates a snapshot of reports, including documentation and images captured during the physical inspection and is designed to help schools and school districts better prepare for annual OSHA safety inspections and support overall safety goals.


OSHA Mandates Annual Inspections

Schools with science, STEM, and CTE departments are required under OSHA regulations to have an annual physical safety inspection as part of their risk management program. The reality is that these inspections are not performed well if at all, and there is not a consistent reporting metric for OSHA compliance.

Laboratory inspections are a critically important aspect of the overall safety program for your district and are used as benchmarks for safety levels and to identify the potential damaged, broken or missing key parts of the on-site school safety program.

SIA Features

24/7 accessible software solution
App in the Apple and Android store
Built-in ‘Hint’ watchdog system that highlights the legal regulations for each criteria
Inspection templates for Science & STEM, CTE, MakerSpaces, & Fab Labs, and grade appropriate elementary, middle, and secondary school versions
Custom shareable reporting related to inspection results and follow ups
• Ability to embed images of safety items and areas of concern to demonstrate progression
Review service available to users who would like Science Safety to evaluate their report and make recommendations based on observations and images from the inspection
Enterprise level visibility for the Chemical Hygiene Officer that allows access to all schools across the district


Most Schools Do Not Perform Safety Inspections

According to a recent published study on safety in American STEM and CTE programs, 58% of schools have not performed a safety inspection. These schools and their associated school districts, are potentially liable for non-compliance with the OSHA laboratory standard regulations.

Physical safety inspections provide an important snapshot of the school safety infrastructure and are used to demonstrate the progression over time which is important from a regulatory compliance perspective and serves as a teachable tool for new teachers and administrators.

Science Safety can help you meet your safety objectives and assist with identifying any potential gaps or deficiencies found in the science, STEM or CTE laboratories and related storage and prep rooms. 

Prevent Accidents

Keep school facilities safe by keeping everything functioning properly, up-to-date, and ready to use.

Lower Risk

Proper practices, documentation, and communication can impact the safety of your staff and students.

Satisfy Mandates

To support school-wide inspections and walk-throughs so they are consistent and compliant.

Simplify Critical Maintenance Inspections & Inventory Management


Inspections on Mobile Devices 

With the SIA app, you are not limited to paper or desktop-based solutions for documenting equipment inspections and keeping track of inventory. Perform checks anytime, anywhere on your mobile application and receive alerts and update information in real time. Having SIA on your SmartPhone or tablet makes completing this task much more convenient and efficient. 


Ready to Use Checklists

Build completely customized checklists for your organization or facility to ensure important resources are accounted for and are being maintained. You can utilize the checklist library in Science Safety to customize checklists according to your needs or start from scratch.

SIA comes with five pre-built inspection-specific templates:
1) Science Department
2) Chemical Storage
3) Prep Areas
4) Lab Inspection
5) Makerspaces & FabLabs

Additional templates purchased separately: High School, Middle School, Elementary School, STEM Pack, ARTS Pack.


Robust Reporting and Compliance

Quickly run reports, or have them automatically generated, to help you visualize your efficiency, identify risks, and plan for the future. Ensure accountability with comprehensive documentation and full chain-of-custody tracking for compliance and safety.

Run reports and track issue resolutions across your school for 150+ individual safety criteria that are evaluated and observed during the inspection, including:
• Communication Items
• Fire Safety Items
• Engineering Controls
• Storage
• Safety Cabinets
• Fume Hoods & Ventilation
• Safety Signage
• First Aid
• Ergonomics
• Utilities & Controls
• Additional Safety Items

Build a safety awareness culture with a training and compliance system built to deliver personalized content anytime, anywhere.