SSRMF - Science Safety Risk Management Framework

“By using a Risk Management Framework, organizations can identify potential hazards and implement strategies to limit accidents; while also meeting regulatory compliance requirements. This has never been done before.”

Recognized Leaders in Science Safety

With decades of science safety expertise and experience our leading safety consultants have built the next generation of Science, STEAM, CTE, Lab and risk management technologies and services to schools and school districts. 

GBuild a cUltuer of Safety

Reduce Risks

Anticipate potential safety hazards and risks by deploying inspection, acknowledgement, and inventory software that aligns to a risk management framework and minimize potential hazards and risks.

Increase Safety

Deploy online training pathways and modules with verifiable certificates for administrators, hygeine officers, teachers, students, lab technicians and build a culture of continuous safey for your organization

Support Compliance

Engage in expert risk management planning and specialty science safety services to make sure documentation is current, and your facilities and safety processes are OSHA/local law compliant.

Qualified experts in Science Safety engage with schools and organizations to implement various safety components (software technology, safety training, and expert services) along a formal, current, and cohesive Science Safety Risk Management Framework to manage and mitigate program delivery hazards and risks. With Science Safety, your organization can maintain its duty-of-care responsibilities. 

Risk Management Framework

SSRMF - Science Safety Risk Management Framework

Why schools contact Science Safety

Given today’s litigious society, safety in Science, STEM and CTE education has received greater attention. This in part is the result of the rise in the popularity of collaborative learning environments like maker spaces and fabrication labs (Fab Labs).  Join internationally recognized science and lab safety specialists as they provide critical insights into the world of Science, STEM, CTE, and Lab safety.

Become a partner and avoid recent methanol incidents and chemical accidents by leveraging valuable expert safety resources.

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