A comprehensive digital safety platform for K-12 Schools and School Systems

Empowering education schools and school systems with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate safety seamlessly into STEAM, CTE and Lab curriculum and ensure a safer and more compliant learning environment for all students.

Science Safety 100% online safety modules and pathways give learners the freedom to earn verifiable certificates on any device, any time of day, anywhere they are. 

Modules and Pathways modules are role-based, subject matter specific, and grade-level appropriate engaging users in interactive content while assessing and verifying their knowledge. With hundreds of safety modules, and scalable to organizations with tens of thousands of users, individuals learn about safety concerns, potential hazards, safety protocols, and legal procedures. 

STEAM, CTE, and Lab Safety Trainings

Modules are quick just in time materials that provide learners with micro-credentials and prepare them quickly for a specific topic of safety awareness.

Pathways string together courses and make up a serial learning structure that a user can complete over time, specifically for an organizational role, grade level or subject matter concentration.

Programs are larger learning structures composed of a multitude of modules and pathways specific to your organization.


Safety Modules and Pathways are Role-Based, Subject Matter, and Grade Level Specific

  • Subject Matter: Hundreds of safety courses and learning items to choose from, covering STEAM, CTE, Lab, classroom tools, technology, equipment, materials, and chemicals, safety awareness and hazards, processes and procedures.

  • Role Based for: Staff, Technicians, College Instructors, High School, Middle & Elementary Teachers, Chemical Hygiene Officers, Students, and more.

  • Grade Level Specific: Administrators, Graduates, Undergraduates, Students 6-12, Elementary Students
Verifiable Micro-Credentials and Certificates

Learners earn official micro-credentials and certificates for the completion of science safety and lab safety  courses, pathways and modules after having passed knowledge checks. Each certificate and credential can be verified using its unique and official Cert# in the Science Safety Management System. Allowing you and your organization to validate a certificate proving that the learner participated in the learning. 

This gives your organization peace of mind knowing that your technicians, staff, instructors, teachers, and students have completed the necessary safety learning material.

Support organizational-wide Science, STEAM, CTE, and Lab Safety programs and build a culture of safety by offering Science and Lab Safety training anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Laboratory and classroom safety protocols are based on safety standards proposed by local boards of education policy, state and/or local government laws, rules, and regulations and professional safety practice associations (e.g. National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA), American Chemical Society (ACS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as others.

Interested in Getting Started?

Our team can align your safety needs to a risk management process, customize pathways, modules, and programs – and provide you with the insights and education you need to update your safety documentation and meet the unique safety needs of your organization or school.