SSRMF - Science Safety Risk Management Framework

Our SSRMF – Science Safety Risk Management Framework provides organizations with the ability to manage and mitigate program delivery hazards and risks, making organizations and schools safer. We help organizations anticipate potential hazards and resulting risks in their programs and implement strategies to minimize those hazards and risks while delivering robust programs. As specialists in safety risk management, Science Safety uses a formal, cohesive, holistic process for Science, STEAM, CTE and lab safety.

SSRMP - Science Safety Risk Management Framework

Based on Federal & State Standards

Our science safety risk management framework is based on federal and state safety standards and informed by safety industry and education better professional safety standards and was thoughtfully designed by safety specialists and endorsed by science safety leaders, associations (e.g., fire safety, education, science, state supervisors, legal specialists, insurance industry specialists).

We Address the Following Issues:

  • Schools carry unseen hazards/risks/liability in delivering Science & STEM programs.
  • Most accidents are preventable with the proper awareness of safety protocols, procedures, and professional and legal industry-accepted better practices.
  • Schools are required to have ongoing safety training to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Many new and/or inexperienced teachers do not have adequate safety training.
  • Some school facilities are unsafe, lacking appropriate engineering controls, occupancy load issues, etc.
  • Through the implementation of ongoing and compliant science safety schools can become compliant with various safety regulations while also creating a culture of safety awareneness.

What We Provide: 

  1. Science and STEM professional development program that enables educators, administrators, staff, and students to have individualized learning solutions tailored to their grade level and subject-specific needs. 

  2. Digital Solutions toolkit that contains an inventory management solution, a world class LMS with reporting tools, virtual safety inspection tools, safety checklists, OER content libraries, and digital archiving of student safety acknowledgement agreements. 

  3. Specialized webinar series with local customization and alignment that supports consistent training and compliance in an ongoing manner to promote awareness. 

Schools can become certified by Science Safety Risk Management Framework certified at different levels, at the individual participant level, safety contracts/acknowledgment forms level, lab, and facility level, site level, district level or even the highest achievement, at the platinum level which provides your school with documented validation across safety regulatory and compliance requirements.

Take a short, confidential needs assessment to help us create a formalized risk management plan for you.

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