Lab Safety Agreements

Online Lab Safety Agreements

Make it Convenient

Ensure that your organization remains safe and compliant and meets local and national regulatory requirements by managing online lab safety agreements for every participant. E-Signatures allow individuals to conveniently sign a safety agreement prior to participating in a science, STEAM, CTE or lab event. 

Reminders & Tracking

Lab Safety Agreements - Make it Easy

Our modern online lab safety agreement management system makes it easy to deliver, manage, and report on safety agreements. Automated reminders go out until the agreements are signed. Use our online platform to ensure that students and parents have signed lab safety agreements and students can participate in labs.

Templates and Forms

Make it Yours

Choose from a selection of modern, interactive, mobile-ready online lab safety agreements. Our lab safety agreements are organized by topic and by grade. Customize our pre-built lab safety agreements for your various roles using the Science Safety Safety Contract Builder. Select a template, update it, publish, and email it for electronic signature.

Lab Safety Agreements

Increase Efficiency

Automate processes so that teachers have to continuously send out reminders.

Lower Risk

Ensure that students have the knowledge they need to stay safe when doing labs.

Ensure Compliance

Meet requirements for mandates and be able to quickly download reports.

Interested in Getting Started?

We also provide customized pathways, courses, and modules, and update your safety documentation, to meet the unique safety needs of your organization or school.