Risk Management Framework Alignment

The Safety Risk Management Framework

As the authority in safety risk management, Science Safety provides K-12 schools with a formal, cohesive, holistic process for Science & STEAM safety. Our Safety Risk Management Framework (SSRMF) allows schools to manage and mitigate program delivery risks, making schools safer.

The SSRMF is based on federal and state safety standards and informed by safety industry and education best practices and was created by safety experts and endorsed by science safety leaders, associations (e.g., fire safety, education, science, state supervisors), legal experts, and insurance industry experts.

SSRMF - Science Safety Risk Management Framework

How We Support Schools

Science Safety specialists will:

  • Perform a complete safety need and gap analysis for the organization.
  • Help schools anticipate potential risks in their programs and implement strategies to minimize them while delivering robust Science & STEAM programs.
  • Perform a gap analysis and co-create a plan with organizations to help them achieve consistency and compliance by comprehensively exploring existing resources and documentation (e.g., safety manuals, chemical hygiene plans, and hazard assessments).

Get SSRMF Certified

Organizations can become SSRMF certified at different levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, based on the needs and gap analysis results and the implementation of measures to increase safety in Science and STEAM programs.

The SSRMF provides a cohesive approach that reduces the chances of a liability event and produces a paper trail for safety credentialing for administrative reporting (district, school, administrators, teacher, students), and the validation of security requirements in case of legal action.  

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Interested in Getting Started?

We also provide professional services that can align your safety needs to a risk management process, customize pathways, courses, and modules, and update your safety documentation, to meet the unique safety needs of your organization or school.